Log of what of Viny Li has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

8/4 Blog - I am LOVING Techie Youth!

Today is my third day on Techie Youth and I just can't believe how resourceful this is! It has hyperlinks where it takes you to different other websites, it has informative videos, and it has all the information you could possibly need to know! Thanks Techie Youth!! I started off the day by watching "Arduino Tutorial 1: Setting Up and Programming the Arduino for Absolute Beginners". For someone who is interested in building and assembling robots, I quite enjoyed this video. It was interesting to just see how the host put the pieces together to create a final project at the end. Then I watched a few more Arduino tutorials, and they were also great. Today, I explored something different, I started the Music section. I've always been curious as to how the music industry works and how a song is produced, and by watching 5-6 videos, I saw how the process worked. It was really cool to see how metal covers are recorded and what types of the process it has to go through. It was very very interesting! I then learned how musicians are about to make a living selling beats online and that nowadays, musicians don't need millions of followers to be successful and to make a profit because current trends and websites make it easier to spread music around. I've always been curious about how music is produced online, on a computer, and by watching a few videos, I was also able to learn about this too! It was just amazing to see the audio, backtracks, BGM and all other sounds that go into a song stacked up and next to each other. Maybe one day I can make my own song...?! Then I watched some videos about music theory, and it was a bit confusing for me. I guess music theory just isn't my thing! But I don't think music at all is my strong point because I've watched other videos, such DAW for beginners, Audacity for beginners, GarageBand for beginners, and just getting started in music production and although it was definitely cool and interesting to learn about all these new concepts and a whole new industry, it was a little difficult for me to follow along. Then I switched to Web Development and I enjoyed this section better, guess I'm just a more techie person. I watched videos on HTML and CSS and it was very fun. Although I have experience in HTML and CSS, it was still a nice review session for a few hours. Overall, today was another great day with Techie Youth!