Log of what of Tianna Marley has learned at Techie Youth

Sat. May. 28, 2022

First learned at Techie Youth

As I watched the videos on the techie youth platform today I learned so much!

First I did not know of how many different ways I could make money online ,I always searched for ways to do so but never actually learned about executing it. For example I found that I was good in my English class for writing last year and as it turns out that is a skill that I can use to make money remotely. I also learned of different ways to save my money which actually motivated to go ahead and look at what I am spending and track it. This includes making an emergency fund and investing as little as 5 dollars. One other thing I learned is that when I buy a car I should get a used one of good value that way I wont be paying it off forever and I can sell it if I need to in the future.