Log of what of Srabonti Disa has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

Criteria’s for Launching a New Business as a Entrepreneur

When launching a new business, it’s important to stay prepared and have everything planned. The first step I learned when it comes to launching a new business is to figure out who am I working with my business. This is the first significant step because you cannot work alone without having any partners. If you you work alone, you won’t reach at a large success immediately and even within a long time. But you can reach a small success if you were to do this alone. It’s important to have at least two or three partners (but you can have more) as an ideal startup but you cannot be one.

The second significant step is creating a executive summary. Executive summary is a shortened version of a business plan. But in a modern world we don’t use the term business plan so instead we use executive summary. I have learned that we also have to question ourselves such as: What does my business do? Who is going to buy my product and/or give customers? Where are customers coming from? Who am I?

When you’re creating an executive summary there isn’t really a certain order how you would write it out. What is recommended is writing the strongest points first and putting the weakest points at the end. There are a lot of points you have to mention in an executive summary. Some points that you have to mention are what is it you’re going to do and actually doing. How are you going to sell your product to your clientele or service? This also includes what is your mechanism of marketing?, discussing who your team is and whoever is part of the team must have a one paragraph bio. You should also add your marketing approach meaning how are you going to sell your product or get customers. For example, If it’s a service you’re getting customers. You also have to keep in mind and figure out how are you going to get customers and how the finances are going to come in because you have to have financial projections applied as well. For financial projections, what you want to try to do is figure out a concrete mechanism for getting your products into paying hands. You can write a realistic estimate of how you’re going to get customers.

When it comes to partners, you can form as a team. But what we have to make sure that our team is filled with the right partners who have experiences. You have to team up with someone who knows how to sell, someone who can fill up the gap and you need to find someone who has value to your team and to your business. This overall means that you need to have a partner or a team that you can rely on and someone who is truly trustworthy towards you and your business. Sometimes it may not be easy to find someone who has experience and all that other skills. But a solution to this can be having to join a Y Combinator and/or some other start up accelerator. They will help you team up with the right people.

In conclusion, launching a new business is not easy because it takes time to prepare for what you are going to do. It’s important to first plan out before stepping in because without these two significant steps, you won’t sufficiently launch a successful business.

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

Business leadership, Digital Nomads and Entrepreneurs.

Today I learned about the Basics of Business Leadership. What I have learned today is where you came from does dictate how you will go ahead towards the big position that you are desperate to go for because it’s a challenge. I’ve noticed that we people do compare ourselves with others but what I’ve learned is that you don’t need to compare yourself with others. What we should focus on is not only do you have to work harder but we also must work smarter.

Additionally, I have also learned that when you want something in life you shall reach reach for it and grab for because you don’t want the opportunity to slip away.

Lastly, you won’t receive and/or get what you want if you don’t verbally ask. You shouldn’t hesitate. Always ask for the sale because not everyone will give you a hand. If you ask then you will receive it.

Not only I have learned about the basics of business leadership but I also have learned about entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs play a very big role and what I learned is that entrepreneurs believe in themselves and sometimes confidence doesn’t come in first and it takes time within. I have learned the five reasons why entrepreneurs start companies because they mostly believe that they’re inherently more valuable than how they appear on paper, they are wasted for working for someone else, the resumes don’t show the real them, large companies can appreciate their full potential and they’re capable of turning their internal value into real money.

Lastly, besides learning about basics of business leadership and entrepreneurs I have learned about becoming a digital nomad. I have learned about the pros and cons of becoming a digital nomad but it appears to be that there are a lot of pros when it comes to becoming a digital nomad. Such pros are like enjoying a good quality of life for less money, important steps towards becoming location independent and traveling the world while online.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

The Comfort of Working Remotely

Today what I’ve learned at Techie Youth are the five benefits of working remotely. The five benefits of working remotely are: not having to commute, having greater control on your health, improving on loyalty, having an increased scale on productivity and mobility. All of these five skills have surprised me and changed my perspective when I hear the term “remote” because I see it as negative term because of what I’ve went through from “remote learning”. It appears to be that working from home is more comfortable and easier option for those who need to be at home or any other place other than being out and stressed outside of your comfort zone.