Log of what of Sarah Arellano has learned at Techie Youth

Sat. Aug. 13, 2022

make up logs


today at techie youth i continued the stocks and crypto currency section i started yesterday. i watched videos and learned about different types of trading strategies such as long call before short call. and just in general i learned more about the dos and don’t when investing.


today at techie youth was my last day doing over the stocks and crypto currency section. this has been the longest section i feel like because there are so many parts to investing and trading it’s not just black and white. today i learned about more strategies such as covered call and vertical spread.


today at techie youth i took a quiz about stocks and moved on to another section. since this was the last week i took the liberty of doing something completely different which was diving back into “selling computer-designed objects and technological crafts” and rewatching the adobe illustrators for beginners because as i am not interested in selling computer designed objects, knowing how to use the program can be very beneficial in other areas in my college career.


today at my last day at techie youth, i did a little bit of multiple things just to get experience in everything. i watched videos in entrepreneurship and in making niche websites. i also watched videos in web development on how to code images. within that unit i leaned about a helpful tool for keeping track of one’s source code.

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

todays overviewew

Today at techie youth I spend the stocks and cryptocurrency section. During quarantine more and more people were starting to talk about investing in stocks and I never understood any of it. I know that their were simulators a lot of people I knew were doing but I never really grasped it. I know that investing in stocks is still popular and people are still talking about that and NFTs are a new thing now too. Watching some videos today I think I understand it a bit better but not fully. All of the videos were very well explained and I think I got the basics down after watching.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

todays overview

today at techie youth, i wrapped up watching thee video editor videos and finished reading the power points that came along with them. I took two quizzes but I was unable to pass one of them even after taking it multiple times, I’ll try again tomorrow. I moved on to thee quality assurance section and learned about different programs that software test and performance test. I took a couple of quizzes based one what I learned and will continue the quality assurance section tomorrow.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Looking for job leads

today at techie youth I spent the majority of the time completing my assignment for the recruiters and talent acquisitions section. I looked for all of the leads on indeed since it’s the job site I am most familiar with. It was a little tricky finding good job options since a lot of them required some type of higher education and or experience. I found five leads and looked up information for all of them and once I finished my assignment, I moved on and started on the quality assurance section and watched the introduction video and read one article.

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Today I learned about video editing

It was really interesting to learn to video edit and I found it fun. This is something more creative which is what I would like to do with an online career. I loved the idea of freelancing and creating my own content. Techie Youth provided me with a mixture of different videos and websites teaching me how to get started. TechieYouth also gave me the tools to learn about arious jobs you can get online through video editing. Overall it was one of my favorite days in techie youth.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

Today I learned about wordpress

Today at techie youth, I learned how to create websites and how to make logos through wordpress. Wordpress is the most popular one because it is free so it is often used. I rewatched the video in order to take notes. I also learned more about editing and read through some articles. I also continue to do more research on the talent and acquisition. Overall it was very informative.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

todays overview

today at techie youth, i began fundraising and learned about elevator pitches and and cold vs hot leads. i as well learned the dos and don’t when pitching and how to properly get your point across and different ways to communicate with potential donors successfully. i navigated over to the video editor section for a little bit and watched videos about different editing techniques, how and why to use them and finished the day watching the videos and powerpoint links on video editing. i was going to continue my assignment that i started from the recruiter and talent acquisition but decided that i would rather finish it tomorrow and just learn more today because the assignment is time consuming.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

finishing recruiter and talent acquisitions

today at techie youth i wrapped up the recruiter and talent acquisition section.

I read some tips on what exactly to do with a resume and cover letter and how to identify a good resume and cover letter. Along with this I learned the components of a job offer which is more than just saying yes to a candidate. It’s saying yes but also discussing salary, employment terms and informing your higher ups about any questions and decisions. I also learned the importance of specialty recruiters which focus on more specific areas and they have vast knowledge in those specific areas. I also started on the assignment which is looking for job lads for techie youth participants and will be finishing it tomorrow.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

exploring sectors

today at techie youth i finished up the literary portion of the virtual assistant and saw and learned many examples of british vocabulary that i did and didn’t know and the differences between those and american vocabulary. my favorite part was seeing the different uses of -our vs -or and -tre vs -ter since they’re all spellings we know but never actually notice. this was my favorite thing that i have learned and is a sector i would be interested in as a plan B. aside from that i watched some videos in other areas such as data analysis and talent acquisition which is another area that interested me and i will be looking into it more on monday. i as well fixed my assignment links that weren’t working and took a couple of quizzes.

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Information on Virtual Asistant

Today at techie youth I learned more about remote careers. Through techie youth I was able to watch some videos on how to be a virtual assistant. I also read some articles about being a virtual assistant. Techie youth also gave me the tools to look for jobs in the virtual assistant field. I learned more about using canva, zoom, and google apps. Looking through those job postings really let me know how many virtual careers are available.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

7/20 overview

today at techie youth i decided to explore a different elective and do “remote careers”. i worked and finished on the virtual assistant section. my favorite part of the section was the transcription test and i was surprised that i did pretty okay considering the second one was very hard to hear. i also worked on scheduling and coincidentally i was looking for a new calendar app to organize myself for the upcoming semester and was looking at google calendar so the this section and the basics on how to use it were very helpful since i’ve never. i watched some videos on how to use the google apps (docs,sliders, power point) but i’ve been using them since high school so it was more of a refresher than actually learning. i as well started to look more in to the analyst portion but will be continuing more and diving in more tomorrow

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

07/19 review

today at techie youth i continued with my elective unit (hybrid income sources) and worked my way around a couple of them. today i started exploring online modeling, voice acting and artistry in the providing services section. for modeling, to be able to thrive in this sector you have to find the right market, have a portfolio directly targeting the market you’re trying to get in to and then after continuously look for opportunities to get experience and exposure there building your portfolio even more. while everyone going in to the modeling business is targeting different markets they all must include a few headshots from different angles and then after the shots are based off of what you’re targeting ie. smiling shots for commercial modeling or full length shots for swimsuit models. different types of modeling include promotional, lifestyle, fashion, hand, commercial etc… a good way to market yourself on social media is through a fan page. you have to include a proper description about yourself as well as a good cover picture and keep your page active posting at least two to three times a day. according to the article there are 10 steps on how to sell your art online starting with deciding what medium to sell to setting up your online store and ending in packaging out your art. pricing your art can be a bit difficult since most artist undervalue for their time and efforts but there is a formula for different types of arts. for voice over, there are more qualifications than just having a nice voice. some benefits to this career path is the flexibility in the schedule and the freedom to make as money as you like. the cons of this are time costs and lack of socializing. there are voice coaches that can help you. there are some things you have to get such as a proper microphone, headphones, proper software and soundproofing etc… there are job opportunities over so many sectors ranging from animation to the education industry. these are the main lessons that stuck with me today.

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

07/18 review

today at techie youth i made up some assignments i had not completed from the prerequisites section. i am working on the hybrid income sources elective unit so i watched a couple videos from different sections such as artificial intelligence and writing. from writing some of the things i learned that stuck with me were the pros and cons of tradition printing vs pros an cons of self publishing. in my opinion i would rather self publishing than traditional printing. while it may be harder to get started and you HAVE to have money to fund this, i think the benefit of having complete independence on your own work and more of a percentage of earnings are extremely important factors that can outweigh the cons. after reviewing some parts of the artificial intelligence section, honestly i am still very confused as to what it is but from what i did understand we encounter this in our everyday lives such as chat bots in banking, shopping websites etc.. some skills needed for this sector are mainly STEM skills.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Beginning elective

Today at Techie Youth I finished up my prerequisites and mainly focused on the first section titled 'intro to earning money online'. I learned a lot from the do's and dont's for networking to tips and tricks for maintaining focus while working a remote job. I also began my elective and chose hybrid income sources. I started with the music production intro and am excited to dive in deeper tomorrow!

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Improving quality of life

Today I finished most of my sections in the improving quality of life prerequisite. I finished all but one (time management) which I plan on completing tomorrow. My favorite and most interesting thing I learned today was while completing the "Stress management" section. Unhappiness, stress and losing control of my emotions have been things I have been struggling with for a couple of months so it was good to see and hear helpful tips and motivating words. The best thing I learned today was that happiness is a choice and only I can choose to have a negative reaction to something.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Intro to earning money online/improving quality of life

Today I finished up my first prerequisite unit "Intro to earning money online". My favorite section from here was "beware of scams" because through social media we always see (especially through instagram) people trying to convince and rope you into scams about doubling your money etc. and it was very interesting to learn more about that. I also started my second prerequisite unit "improving quality of life" today by starting with the introduction video and am excited to dive more in to it tomorrow.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

Intro to earning money online

Today I started to do the first half of my prerequisites from the section titled Intro to earning money online. I learned a lot from understanding what jobs I can do from home to checking vs savings accounts. My favorite part and I believe most beneficial to me from what I learned today is everything in "Prerequisites to getting employed". Polishing up my resume has always been a struggle for me because I've heard many different things from many different people on what should or shouldn't be included. It was also interesting to hear that an employer will look at a resume for 6 seconds before seeing if you are qualified or not so it is very important to have a strong resume and list relevant information and make changes if you need to. I really enjoyed the video attached to this section because he went step by step through a resume and explained the do's and dont's and why. After watching that video I will be going through my own (and rewatching the video) and focus on what changes I should make. I also created a LinkedIn profile today which I have never had or used and will be filling out my profile for employers.