Log of what of Sandra Aikins has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

First Day at Techie Youth

Today was my first day I techie youth and it was very difficult to get a hang of everything that I was supposed to be doing due to the fact that we have no supervisors or anybody really in charge. However I did play around with the website a little bit to try to figure out what my day today is going to look like starting from today and moving forward. I watch the introduction video on what took you is and saw the video that the founder had created for us informing us on what our job is and basically how we’re going to be earning money from just working from our computer. I learned about remote jobs different places I can find remote jobs as well as how to be prepared for a job. I gained interview tips as well as how to be prepared for interview I was also able to submit my résumé my cover letter and my linked in profile. I learned about the different jobs that I can do while working from home such as even being a YouTube or a social media influencer. I learned about currency and income different types of currency such as cryptocurrency I learned about the rules and regulations of employees and their payment as well such as net salary and so much more. I wish I would’ve had more productivity today because it is something that I really enjoyed him twice once I figured out how to get the hang of it so I look forward for the next couple of weeks.