Log of what of Sailor Garcia has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Taking Life By Force

I learned that not everyone is born a leader. And that not being one is okay, but sometimes being a leader is best.

Today I learned that not every leader has to lead and create alone. Success is won with multiple factors.

Today I learned that businesses are not set up over night. There are many things in effect to make them happen and successful.

Today I learned that a business needs a strong leader to get investors and to keep them. Also that to keep it successful the employees also need to be o their top game, sometimes that means replacing them with new ones.

Today I learned how to create object to 3D print them.

Today I learned how to create and modify more shapes and objects on computer programs.

Today I learned to laser cut metal and create logos.

Today I learned that about programming with various tools.

Today I learned more about creating coding projects and about salvaging technology for parts.

Today I finished learning about retro projects and started learning about creating and selling art online.

Today I learned about photoshop.

Today I learned about wearable crafts and about pricing for businesses.

Today I learned about selling products.

Today I learned about forex trading and other types of trading.

Today I learned more about forex trading and REITs.

Today I learned about more trading options.

Toady I learned about trading commodities.

Today I finished learning about trading commodities and stared learning about writing.

Today I learned about creating successful membership companies.

Today I learned about setting up niche websites.

Today I learned about setting websites.