Log of what of Olagboyega Olafimihan has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. May. 19, 2022

What I learned from Techie Youth

Entrepreneurship: Earning Income Independently

Selling Computer-Designed Objects & Technological Crafts

What I learned today is about good computer products and technological craft objects that make good sells for life. It’s best that whenever you make a computer product, you must test it out to see if it’ll sell to people that will need it. If you feel that this product will do amazing for people, then you can sell it to everybody.

Stocks, Cryptocurrencies & Other Types of Online Trading

What I learned is that stocks and cryptocurrency is a technical way of trading money to people. Is like giving money to those in need, like to people that are very poor. Investing stocks is a faster way of trading money to people that are far away and poor, that we must be very cautious and careful of who we are trading money to because it could be a scam and all your money will be gone, and we don't want that to happen.

Selling Digital Goods

This is about creating digital products that will make people buy them like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. If you build a phone or any digital device, you have to give it a test to see if it works well. If it does, you are good to sell them.

Selling Art Online

Selling art is another way of making money. It takes a long time to be a good artist because it requires a lot of practice, and if you want to sell your painting, you have to make it perfect. There must never be a mistake because nobody will like it and it will never sell. You have to make sure that your painting is perfect so that it will sell to everybody.

Niche Informational Websites

Creating a niche is like sharing information to people about important topics. Is another way of making money because people will be reading it. So any information you share, it has to be important, not personal or jokeful.

Social Community Organizing

Social Community Organizing is like creating social media pages. Social media includes Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok, and Youtube. When you’re organizing your social community, you’re showing the audience what you're doing. It can be anything you can think of like drumming, gaming, vlogging, challenges, etc. The best part of it is that everybody will watch and give out their opinions. And you can also edit to make it more interesting for people to watch. That is another way of making money.

Hybrid Income Sources

Music Production

Producing music through the computer is a way of earning money because everybody is gonna be listening to it. When you’re creating music, the audio has to be clear and your voice needs to be loud enough for people to hear you. If your audio and voice are not clear, nobody will want to listen to your music and everybody will have negative thoughts about it.

Web Development

Web development is like creating websites for everybody to use. When you want to learn about being a web developer, you have to sit on your computer a lot. It will take someone a longtime to learn about web development because there are so many things to learn in web development. Not everybody may know a lot about it, but anybody can give it a try.

Creating Mobile Apps

Creating an mobile app is easier to do and an amazing way to earn money. Although not everybody will use the app you created, but it will still earn you big money. If you’re trying to create an app, it has to be something that people will enjoy, and make it exciting.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is an individual tech of its own. It can do things by itself when it comes to video games, even when you press the button where it says AI in a game, it will play it for you.

Providing Services

Providing services is like biding your time for another person. It’s not like you’re making an app or doing anything, it’s about you talking to another customer and getting paid for it.


Writing newspapers and magazines is a great way to earn money. It may look and sound boring, but it can be very fun to do because you’re writing stories for people to read and learn about.

Remote Careers

Video Editor

Video editing is a very fun activity. When you’re editing a video, you’re trying to make a video better and make the video more exciting for people to watch. It’s way easier to do it on a phone or tablet because all you’re basically doing is writing an interesting title and a description about the video to influence people to watch it. You won’t be paid too much when it comes to things like this, but it can be very fun.


You can earn a lot of money when doing fundraising. When you’re funding money, you’re donating it to charity. This shows that you care about others and their conditions.

Recruiter & Talent Acquisition

The position of Recruiter and Talent Acquisition means you’re helping people find jobs that are right for them, like finding jobs that are capable of doing.

Virtual Assistant

Being a virtual assistant means offering people services and help for them. It’s like working along with someone, this includes answering calls and emails


When you’re an business/data analyst, you’re analyzing and researching the job that someone wants to apply for. It’s like you’re checking if the person is doing what is according to what you’re supposed to do at work.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is like checking if every product is going alright. If there is a problem with a product, you check through and find out how that problem can be fixed.

Product Manager

A product manager is someone who owns a product. When you own a product, you must check if it came out the way you wanted.

Earning Immediate Income

Earning immediate income means earning money in a easier and quicker way.