Log of what of Mendy Zhou has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Learning About Services

To wrap up the week, I tried to finish the Providing Services Unit from yesterday. I completed the general services quiz from the section, "Easy to learn minimally-skilled jobs". I then moved on to specialized services and learned I am probably not suited for the field of voice acting. Out of the sub-units: "voice acting", "selling stock photos", "artistry", "online modeling", and "website/graphic design", I probably liked the graphic design one the best. I am currently learning how to edit using applications like photoshop, but with a cheaper alternative, so this unit was very helpful to me. I can't wait to use these new skills when I end up taking my year's yearbook pictures! I didn't complete the service-offerings portfolio though, since I'm not quite at the age to be offering any services yet. I plan on doing so next year with the knowledge I learned today! In my last 24 minutes, I wanted to start the unit on Fundraising since it is something really meaningful to me and the programs I am in.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Starting the Providing Services Unit

I started the day with the sub-unit, "Building your Portfolio", and learning about how to compose a portfolio to show to clients as well as making an editing reel to compile highlights of my works. I took the final quiz in "Putting your skills to practice" and looked over the resources that Techie Youth provided me! Next, I looked into the Providing Services unit since it was suggested in the end of the Video Editor unit. I watched the introduction video and zoomed by the sub-units, "Writing and content creation", "Online tutoring", and "Digital Marketing". The online tutoring unit was especially interesting since I am actually part of a non-profit tutoring organization, Perennial Prep! We also use zoom to reach out to children all across the United States to help them learn. Most of these units were really helpful to me especially since we are currently advertising our stickers for Perennial Prep! I ended the day after starting the data entry sub-unit.

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Finishing Up Video Editing

I finished up learning about different Video Editing Software, starting with VSDC. I moved on to learn about starting projects and how to successfully organize myself so I can achieve my goal. Then, I finished the Adobe Premiere sub-unit and went through the Crash Courses for Premiere Pro. I quickly took the quiz and moved on to learn how to work as an video editor! The slideshow started with how to find clients through 3 different methods: reaching out to people, offering something to start a relationship, and finally using already established relationships to start up. I actually ran out of time before I was able to finish this video, ending at 24:33 (this is a reminder as to where I stopped). I feel even at this rate, I might be able to begin a small career in this thanks to Techie Youth!

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

Video Editing Environment at Techie Youth

Today I started the sub-unit "Video Editing Environment" in the Video Editor Unit. It gave me information on the top editing softwares used today and how I can utilize them to my benefit. Previously, I only knew be Adobe Pro but I was able to learn about other programs such as DaVinci Resolve Studio and Final Cut Pro. However, these were very expensive options, so the free ones were more appealing. The most popular of the free ones were Hitfilm Express, DaVinci Resolve, and Shotcut. Techie Youth provided me the links to download any program that interested me, however I focused on learning about the limits of each program before downloading anything. After watching in-depth tutorials of Final Cut Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Hitfilm Express, and Shotcut, I like the layout of Shotcut the most, but as I haven't finished watching the rest of the options, I will wait before deciding anything.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Starting Video Editing at Techie Youth!

Continuing off Friday, I finished up the Introduction Unit, How to get Paid. I made a PayPal account and read about cryptocurrency compared to cash. Afterwards, I decided to look at the other introduction units I had skipped, such as working remotely, the fundamentals of doing so, before moving on to a more enjoyable unit. I saw that Techie Youth offered lessons on video editing, or the profession around it so I started with that. I was actually interested since I am part of the yearbook club and videos and photos aren't very far off from each other. I finished up the slideshow on getting paid for video editing, which really opened my eyes to it as a career option (wow that's a lot of money). I was able to get through the majority of the how to get started sub-unit before my hours were up, allowing me to absorb basic knowledge on cuts and the rules of video editing. I also got through the quiz thanks to my small notes.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Techie Youth Teaches Me How To Fund My Business

I started the day with sub-unit Financing, and How to Obtain Funding. I found this the most important step in the Entrepreneurship Unit since funding is what starts a company and how it takes off to become successful. I learned different financial models and how to utilize them to suit my prospering startup. I moved on to creating a product, as well as an "MVP" version. An MVP meant minimizing costs until the business starts profiting. Next was the marketing aspect of entrepreneurship, getting sales and clients. I actually took AP Psychology and spent a day on business psychology, so this unit was really refreshing for me. I had thought about majoring in marketing because of that class so I think this sub-unit was my favorite. Next was hiring, which was similar to the cofounder unit where I needed a specific team. It really opened my eyes to real leadership and I was able to absorb the protocols that were shown. Finally, I ended the day with the How to Get Paid intro unit since I had skipped the introduction units and moved on to something more interesting. I loved learning about the fancy banking things my parents had to do and I feel more knowledgeable about checking/banking accounts enough to help my parents out!