Log of what of Makenna Reed has learned at Techie Youth

Thu. Aug. 11, 2022

Selling Art, Where to Start (hey that rhymed)

Today at Techie Youth I learned about art careers and how to start selling your art online or in person. I learned recently about a career called an art advisor which is a person that helps you sell art and acts as a middleman when you do. I never knew this career existed I didn’t think about the process it took when people sold their artwork. I also learned how people may go about selling their art. It’s very encouraging and if I was into art I would definitely have followed this path because it’s—not to say easy, but, way more accessible to do than other careers because you can do it from the comfort of your own home. As long as you have the supplies this career is one that anybody passionate about it can start. What was fascinating was this one girl that said she dabbled in trying to sell stickers but because she didn’t build a platform she didn’t really get any buyers. But the inspirational part was when she put her full effort into it and got a machine for the stickers and got more professional supplies after a month she was able to get buyers. And after she started to build up a reputation on social media that’s when her business kicked off for stickers. I thought that was very inspirational and I consider her an entrepreneur and any other artist that is able to sell their own work and build up their own company in order to get them and their businesses out there.

Written by Makenna.

August 11 2022.

Wed. Aug. 10, 2022

Business and baby steps

Today at Techie Youth I learned the importance of planning ahead when you’re starting a business. It’s OK to make mistakes and learn from your failures as long as you don’t lose anything important and valuable when it comes to restarting and picking back up. For example if you fail at a business as a whole because you didn’t plan and you lose large sums of money that you got in order to start that business that is not being a good business person and not being a good entrepreneur. You have to take the initiative to plan every excruciating detail in order to not mess up and while mistakes are expected you should expect mistakes in your plan and have a back up plan for what you want to do if those mistakes ever happen. In this plan also known as an executive summary you would want to plan out: what you wanna do, how you wanna do it, why people should buy into it, how are you gonna get money for it, how much money do you want for it and what you could do with that money once you get it. You also need to know; how long that money is gonna last your business and what to do if with a back up plan if something fails. You’re also going to know what to do when the money runs out. I think although it is a long process it might be worth it in the end when you have a successful business at your hands. The people that give up and fail are the people that didn’t have a good plan to start with.

Written by Makenna.

August 10 2022.

Tue. Aug. 9, 2022

Skills learned at Techie Youth, from web hosting to good time management

Today at Techie youth, I have learned about a variety of things. In completing assignments, I am able to take away lesson from them and really understand the values the lessons are teaching me. For example today I did a time management project we’re i log what I do with my time for a couple of days and reflect on how it can be more productive and see if that works. After a couple of days of working on this I realized the time I could be getting more sleep I was spending watching tv, which is something I already did in the daytime. Another was on web hosting, I learned that web hosting is the equivalent of buying the building for our business in person. Is basically establishing the place that your business will belong to and develop in. I thought the concept was interesting and the way ut was explained made it fun and easy to understand. These are not the only things that I learned today I also dabbled in niche web sites and why getting an ssl for your website is beneficial and also Art and the career you can make out of selling art!

Written by Makenna.

August 9 2022

Mon. Aug. 8, 2022

Coding, the skill behind web design

Today at Techie Youth, I discovered the skill of coding and why you need that skill in order to be a web designer. I learned from the videos that I watched today, that in order to make a website you would have to code it. Websites that help you set up your own website are websites that offer to code it for you but in a visual form so that it’s easier to use and you don’t have to spend the time to learn and then code everything that you want because it does it for you. That’s why I web designers exist, if you didn’t want to code your own website or use templates from somebody else’s website you can hire a web designer to code it for you and customize it however you want. Coding itself is a very hard skill and I have a lot of respect for anybody willing to do that for a career. From the videos and tutorials I watched on coding is remembering what everything means and how to input it that’s the most difficult part. There’s nothing to correct your mistakes so if your code isn’t coming out right you have to go back to what you typed and find the mistake yourself in order to fix it. That sounds hard which is people who code have my heart. <3

Written by Makenna.

August 8 2022

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

Entrepreneurship and monetize

Today at Techie Youth learned about entrepreneurship and the relationship it has between monitization. The whole concept is about how a business makes its money from its consumers: the way the business may charge its consumers that will either hurt them in the long run or benefit them. A good example that I read about from one of the articles that was assigned to me was how Spotify used to charge for entire albums with ads on their platform. When iTunes started charging $.99 for each song individually on their platform and put in competition for them they (Spotify) had to think of a new strategy, a new monetization in order to compete. What they ended up doing was creating Spotify premium and going for a freemium approach where you can listen to individual songs for free with ads. Or you can choose to pay a monthly subscription for the premium version where you get any song of your choice without ads on their platform. This ended up benefiting them strongly and a lot of people made the switch to Spotify after this strong decision. It’s weird to think how a small situation like that can really change how people see your organization and how satisfied consumers are with your business.

Written by Makenna.

August 5 2022

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

Entrepreneurship: the mentality you need for it

Today at Techie Youth I learned about the beginnings of an entrepreneur and what mentality they need to be a successful business owner and entrepreneur. To start off they need to love what they do. It was highlighted and pointed it in many of the videos assigned that as an entrepreneur you have to be so totally in love with your idea and what you’re doing because you’re going to have to eat, sleep and breathe that idea for years after your intitula start of the project. Because one person worded it, it’s so crazy hard that you’d have to be in love with it to actually want to push yourself that hard for it. Secondly you have to not only deal with failure but also expect it and still be willing to keep going. That anyone who’s rich and famous has at one point experienced failure in a lot of different ways, but what made them rich and famous was the lessons they learned from those failures that pushed them to not give up. I think as someone wanting to entrepreneurship, these are definitely valuable lessons i will take into my future endeavors!

Written by Makenna.

August 4 2022

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Music Production: Promotion/ Cryptocurrency: the future of money

Yesterday at Techie Youth I learned about the promotional aspect of music production. I learned about how after the beat is made, the tone is set, the lyrics are produced and the song is made, you can’t just straight up release it with no plan on how to get people to listen to it. It requires promotion. As a watched from the videos and articles t given to me, I have realized there multiple ways to promote music. An example of a promotional tactic is through social media. By making a social media account for your music and promoting through those accounts, you can ring a lot of new consumers of your music. You’ll often see celebrities dancing or playing their own song in a video and linking where you can listen to it. Some apps that this work well for is Snapchat, instagram and especially TikTok. It’s a very effective tactic if you play your cards right. I think it’s impressive that musicians are able to handle the music making part and the promotional aspect. I think musicians are a way more professional career than most people think.

Written by Makenna

August 2 2022

Today at Techie Youth I tackled outside of my usual units and learned about cryptocurrencies. They are mentioned here and there in some units, and the technicalities are still a little new, yet somehow most people are familiar with its basic concept due to it’s sudden popularity in the business world. Cryptocurrency is digital money created through coding, it’s coded data that represents money but digitally. The purpose of it is to encrypt money so that it is secure, unlike real money or money that exists digitally in a different way such as through an online bank account, Apple Pay or PayPal as an example. It’s supposed to bring independency back into money unlike regular currency that it’s monitored and/or distributed by a third party. While I myself wouldn't jump into right now due to its unpredictability, I will say that it’s a definite possibility for the future since someone wanting to get into cryptocurrency should have a backup plan if they lose money. Other than that, I can agree with experts that it’s the currency of the future.

Written by Makenna

August 3 2022

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

Opinions are like old relatives, they pay occasionally

Today at Techie Youth, I learned about online surveys that you get paid to do. I think that it’s a really good side hustle for anyone who’s willing to take a short time out of their day to actually do them since you can do them from the comfort of your own home and it’s easy work. When I first read the firsthand the experience of being a survey taker, like it’s described in the article, it is a good side hustle that will take not that much time out of your day and where you are paid good. What I also noticed and learned about this career aspect is that the more things that you have experienced such as where you worked, where you’ve traveled, what languages you speak, the more surveys you can do that are relevant to those experiences. While I would love to do this myself I would actually recommend this career card to my parents if they ever need

the extra money since it won’t take away from anything else, it’s free (for the most part) and easy.

Written by Makenna.

August 1 2022

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

Day 3 of learning about money, how musicians earn income

Today at Techie Youth, I learned about how a musician would go about earning money. What I didn’t know before today is that when a person goes to college and majors in music, more often then not, they’ll also be taking finance classes and also microeconomics and macroeconomics. These are classes that I associated with a business major before today, but I was able to learn today that with making music, you need a way to manage your income so that your music can support you. For example I learned that you don’t have to make full songs to make money off the music you make. You can make beats that you license and then put into music libraries for people or companies to use for a price.

I personally think it’s impressive that music artists do so much and I hope it pays off.

Written by Makenna.

July 29 2022

Thu. Jul. 28, 2022

Music: Making it and distributing it.

Today at Techie Youth I learned a new virtual career path, working as a Musician. At first I thought it sounded a little confusing considering all the tasks you have to do as a full time musician it’s remedied a lot and in most cases you might not get overnight fame like the industry makes it seem. But as I read more about why a musician did this stuff it made more sense that the have to do a lot since they don’t have a boss to answer to or a time limit. I realize how lucky I am to live in the golden age of technology where things like MIDI, and creating music can be done even on a cellphone. For musicians they have record their music, whether they’re using digital instruments or real, construct their songs, pay to distribute their songs to music streaming platforms and promote their songs so people actually catch onto it and start listening to it. Who knew half of being a musician had to do with actually making the music and the other half is getting it out there.

Written by Makenna.

July 28 2022

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

The technicalities of music making: what goes into our favorite songs

Today at Techie Youth I learned the technicalities of music making. I didn’t realize that in order to make a simple beat and turning into a song you at least need to know the basic of sheet music such as terminologies, as well concepts of notes measures and chords. For example, you need to know the difference between minor and major keys. Another thing I read, is that while it’s not necessary it’s recommended that if you want to make music you should have a basic knowledge of the piano because it holds information in it about chords and measures. I thought this was interesting because I thought when people make music it was less about what keys and chords and counts to use and more about what sounded nice together. Learning about these really pulled into perspective that music is a passion that requires a lot of patience for learning. That once you can master the basics your already close to making hits.

Written by Makenna.

July 27 2022.

Tue. Jul. 26, 2022

My daily lessons at Techie youth: music makes the passion

Today I learned about the passion that’s behind the music that we hear so often every day. While once again I find myself not being drawn towards the passion of music I can still take away lessons that I learned from today’s subject because of the passion that is behind it. For example a guy was making five videos, five videos for each day that he spends making a song. We hear every day about how popular songs were made in 10 minutes but the truth is that most songs aren’t in this case it took him five days a.k.a. more than 100 hours to finalize and publish this song. I think it’s admirable how much time he spent on his work all the way down to the last details just to get it to a point where he was satisfied and that is something that I want to take into my future career.

Written by Makenna.

July 26 2022.

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

Selling Art, What it Means to have an undying passion

Today at Techie Youth I learned an expansion on the selling art career and why people may choose to do it. While it might be my least likely career, it’s still really interesting to learn about it. Today I learned about the artists and Art Gallery relationship. How an artists will work with a gallery and with effort from both parties, the work to sell art to people who have the same passions. After reading a couple of articles on this topic I learned that wether you’re a buyer, the gallery owner or the featured artist in the gallery, the passion for art is always there. One article stood out to me because it wrote about the false stigmas that everyone involved in the sale of art pieces are rich, when really not many are and anyone contributing to the buying of an art piece has to have a real passion for it to continue investing their time and money into it. While I myself don’t have a passion for art like some do, I still find it to be a respectable career for anybody willing to commit themselves to doing something they love.

Written by Makenna.

July 25 2022.

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

Being Paid, how it works and what you benefit From it

Today at Techie Youth I learned about all the different ways that you can be paid by an employer and how that affects you. For example you can be paid through crypto currencies, third-party apps such as PayPal, and, also through cash. I learned that, depending on the method your boss pays you, you’ll take the good with the bad so it is important that you find a job that can pay you the way you want to be paid. For example, if you get paid with crypto currencies, while it is efficient and you can learn to maximize how much money you make from collecting crypto currencies— cryptocurrency is very volatile and depending on when you actually trade your cryptocurrency for cash you can either get the short end of the stick or the high end of the stick. Another method where you’ll have to take the good with the bad is getting paid through cash. When getting paid with cash you’re able to get the money upfront and in your hand without losing money to taxes. However on the flipside, your income most likely will not be reported on tax documents and also having your pay in hand is a safety concern because it leaves you open to robbery. With something physical like paper money its recognizable that it can be taken away from you either through accident or from the actions of another so it’s important that you be extra careful if you get paid with cash. I am able to relate this back to my job because how I told my boss how I want get paid will now affect me for as long as I work there. I’ll always remember the tips that these articles gave me, they’re very useful!

Written by Makenna.

July 22 2022

Thu. Jul. 21, 2022

Professionalism, how to maintain it over Zoom

Today at Techie Youth I learnt about zoom professionalism also known as virtual professionalism. Professionalism in the office is different from professionalism that is virtual. The rules are not the same when you’re using technology to communicate with each of your coworkers 100% of the time. For example, in the office you would want your workspace to be kept clean in order to show professionalism. However over zoom while it’s important that you still keep a tidy and organized space during your meeting you can always throw up a background and resolve it. At work in order to get away from your home life all you have to do is turn off your phone. When you’re virtual and you’re doing a meeting it can be hard to make sure people don’t bother you while you’re doing your work, and that should be kept in mind when doing a virtual job. Along with jobs comes workplace drama and stress. With an online job it’s different handling workplace stress, especially since the same social constructs don’t stand. When pursuing any of these careers I’ll keep it in mind these tips given to me to exercise mindfulness and wellness in my workplace environment.

Written by Makenna.

July 21 2022

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Remote Jobs Nowadays, hint: there’s a lot

Today at Techie Youth I learned, not just about specific jobs that are remote, but the platforms that can help you to apply and do these jobs. While some online careers start with a website your own, most of them are reached usually from a third party application. For example for the selling art online career, a third party app you would use to get your work out there was Etsy. These applications that I learned about today however, are a little different. These apps were specifically designed to help you get a job that is remote. For example Glassdoor was an app that I never heard of before that I learned about today and it specifically tailors to remote or even hybrid careers for anyone looking for a job. Alongside Glassdoor, there was also Indeed, and Linkdn, both with (after looking over them) a wide arrange of virtual careers and recruiters sending out job requests for those careers. If I had room for another job I would’ve been tempted to sign myself up!

Written by Makenna.

July 20 2022

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

Niche Websites: a refresher on how to make money writing

Today at Techie I learned a surplus of things form one topic. After logging in today I went back to finish up my lessons on Niche Webites. There was a lot more to learn than I originally thought. When I first started learning about Niche websites i got the impression that they were cute websites you set up about a specific topic that you wanted to write about. Then I was directed towards the coding side of it. Now that I continue to explore this topic there is also a science Sid to it. For example there’s a technique people who run niche websites do called SEO. Essentially it’s optimizing keywords in niche websites you create in order to help direct more people to your website more often. That is a science I wasn’t familiar with but once again, the more lessons I do, the more I learn about a topic. Out of all the lessons I’ve done, this once is the one that peaks my interest the most!

Written by Makenna.

July 19 2022

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

Selling goods online, How to

Today at Techie Youth iI learned about selling online goods. Once again I am reminded that with enough practice, I can achieve any business goals I set my mind to. For this specific career I was able to analyze through immensely fun articles that selling products online is another form of entrepreneurship. For example, one thing I learned that could be sold was photographs. That, without an agency or company to work with, if I’m passionate about photo taking I can submit my photos to a company online like Ghetty Images, and if they approve me can make money selling my photos to them. There’s also art commissions. I think it was very inspiring seeing that because depending on your interests, for example in interesting in photography, I would be able to do it without going through any complicated processes such as trying to get myself out there or have to pertain my photos to one specific thing. With photo companies like that, ou can take pictures of anything you want and the more people use it, the more money you make!

Written by Makenna.

July 18 2022

Fri. Jul. 15, 2022

What I Learned today, an in-depth Lesson on Selling art

Continuing, learning from the sub section of art, I was able to explore more into the career, more specifically how to initiate relationships in the field and what resources to use to get started. It’s important to note that Techie Youth does a great job at walking you through career paths, and is very beginner friendly. So when I looked into the career path of selling art online I was lead done the path of what’s app to use. For example, Etsy was one that was recommended. It was weird seeing that because I always thought of myself as the consumers, but seeing how easily I could be apart of that community and how I could make decent money from it, it’s now apparent that this could potentially be a career path for myself. As I do more lessons on here, the more I understand about business and how to make money without having to depend on a 9 to 5.

Written by Makenna.

July 15 2022

Thu. Jul. 14, 2022

How Selling art can make you money

When I logged onto Techie Youth today and selected Selling Art, I didn’t expect anything to be pertaining to me. But when I logged in out of curiosity that’s exactly what happened to me. That with the right amount of practice and good business decisions that I would be able to make money selling art, once again from the comfort of my own home. What really caught my eye, is that even though I’m not good at art, I’d I t necessarily have to be to sell art. There was also the fact that I could always by art and resell it, and profit that way. Or make logos is another way, and use it to sell merch and whatnot.

Written by Makenna.

July 14 2022

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Learning The Ropes- Virtual Assistant

Today at Techie Youth I learned a new virtual career path… Virtual Assistant. At first thought it sounded a little confusing considering an assistant did stuff life schedule meetings, answer phone calls and run physical errands for the person they’re working for. But as I read more about what a virtual assistant did, it made more sense that an assistant would be virtual than in person afterwards. I realize how lucky I am to live in the golden age of technology where things like scheduling meetings, and booking travels for someone can be done even on a cellphone. If so much can be done as an assistant I wonder what other advantages modern technology comes with. Until I learn more, it was fun learning about virtual assistants.

Written by Makenna.

July 13 2022

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

How I learned to be a job recruiter

Today I logged onto Techie Youth and was drawn towards the online careers tab. I scanned the list for interesting subjects and that’s when I see it: Online Job Recruiter. I’ve never heard of such a thing. How does it work? Can anybody do it? Will it really make me a lot of money right there from the comfort of my own home? I had to find out. I clicked and was immediately directed towards an introduction video. This is it. From the nice lady on the screen I found out several things. Firstly, job recruiters can be 100% online. Secondly, your job is basically finding other people jobs, for companies of course. For example, if you’re a job recruiter for a music company, you would look for potential upcoming musicians to sign to that company. Thirdly, your essentially a commissioner. The more people you rally to companies, and the longer they stay with that company, the more you make.

From this I made the inference that this would be a job for someone sociable. And that the better you are at looking for potential, the more money you can make. When you’re a good Job Recruiter you have patience, a talent tracker, you have faith in your commissions, and you put in a lot of hard work to make deals happen. It’s a respectable career and it was nice learning about it.

Written by Makenna.

July 11 2022

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Mentorship, how it surrounds our daily lives

Today at techie Youth I learned what mentorship is. It’s when someone (more than not is a professional in their field) helps you in their accomplished field and gives you advise. An example of this would be Steven Hawking helping you in the field of physics or Gordon Ramsay helping you in the kitchen! I think this is exciting because as a person who needed tutoring in school, it’s nice to know I could’ve considered my teachers, also my mentors. They took their time with me in order to help me with a problem I was struggling with.

I also learned about leadership, and how a leader stays calm and collected. How interesting!

Written by Makenna.

July 8 2022