Log of what of Kevone Foster has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Aug. 3, 2022

Today at techie youth I’ve learned

Today I watched a 8 hour video on database. I’ve learned what a alias is what a inner and outer join are and the data is collected over the years via computers.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

What techie taught me

So today I’ve learned about web development. I’ve learned how to put in codes and the meaning of these codes to make a website.

Fri. Jul. 29, 2022

What I’ve learned today

What I’ve learned today at techie is web development! Computers talk through numbers. Wow this topic is so complex that it’s gonna take more than one video to understand it.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

What I’ve learned today at techie youth

Music makes you lose control! I didn’t know that there was an music engineer! They have a bachelors in science of music and they are the ones making the sound of music is so clear and clear. Who knew there was science to music. That really motivates me to wanna study the technology of music. They make 59,000$ a year! I know that music is changing for the better. As our technology advances so does music. That’s good because this means music is timeless! *Dances to music*

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What I’ve learned today at techie youth

Today I learned about instagram and how to make money on all social media platforms like twitter and Snapchat. There’s this thing called sponsorship and what that is companies pay you to feature their ad on your social media account! I have heard about this on YouTube and I had no idea that you can also have a sponsorship on social media accounts. All you have to do is get people to follow you! There are even apps that can help you get more followers. The video that I had watch about getting more followers had some pretty good tips on how to get people to follow you back. I definitely need to work on adding bright colors to my account to get peoples a attention. I also I have have more professional pictures taken… maybe I can do it on my iPhone 11 Pro!

Mon. Jul. 18, 2022

What I’ve learned today at techie youth!

Kevone Foster

July 18 2022

Social network community organizing- this is what I’ve learned today at techie youth

Social media is a very big thing now more than ever. I didn’t know so many small businesses get 52% of their customers from Instagram users! Over 1 million people use instagram in a day and small businesses use that platform to gain customers- genius right. Building followers allow small businesses to advertise their businesses and target customers all in all app. Having a huge following is a big deal because that allows more people to see small businesses. Just imagine thousands of people posting selfies and shopping at the same time. It makes me think of all the easy ways to sell products on Instagram and many other social media apps. Advertising has never been so easy. I remember the days when u had to create big colorful signs just to sell one thing, now all I have to do is make an instagram account and have a lot of followers. Makes me think about how important followers really are.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

Today I learned the definition of cryptocurrency.

Kevone foster

July 6 2022

Prerequisites to getting employed- Today I’ve learned this here at techie youth

Looking good professionally is always a good thing! If only there was a guide to tell people what are the necessary ways on how to be professional- wait there is! Today at techie youth I’ve learned how to get employed! There is a “Facebook” called link in that sets up a profile with a resume and cover to all the jobs that best fits you! Amazing! Now companies can just look for employees on an app. Thai is so important because now it will be easier to find jobs that are best for me. I like that techie youth had all the links to set up an account that made it so much easier. I guess now I really don’t have an excuse to not look for a job!