Log of what of Kayla Martin has learned at Techie Youth

Mon. Jul. 25, 2022

What I learned about overcoming stress

I learned something that everyone should follow. You need to control your own feelings/emotions. Getting angry is a choice because there’s plenty of ways to avoid getting that way. With that being said, no one can make you mad except yourself. You cannot control the people around you, you can only control your actions towards them. Like for example, I was watching a tv show and this guy knew ignoring his friend would make her upset and he was right, she started throwing things at him and screaming just because he wasn’t answering her. That was definitely not the right thing to do because him choosing to ignore her should not have affected her that much. I’ve worked in plenty of places and had some rude customers but instead of being rude back to them for some reason I tend to act even nicer. I can’t allow them to get me out of my character. That’s ultimately giving them what they wanted all along. It shouldn’t faze me unless I allow it to. I hope others take this advice because it definitely works for a lot of scenarios.

Sun. Jul. 24, 2022

What to do to be more organized

I’m a pretty organized person but sometimes when I have way too many things on my plate my brain tends to get a little fried and then I may procrastinate. To avoid this from happening to me again these were some things that stood out to me that I think would help me and possibly somebody else who has the same issues as I do. Prioritize your tasks. It's important to decide which tasks are most important and should be done first and which can wait for later. For example, Let's say you have three assignments for homework, have house duties, a presentation, and a quiz all in the same week. (This is the story of my life). You need to figure out how to balance all these priorities.

Ask yourself questions to figure out the order of what should get done first and how long each thing will take. Which task is due first? Which of these tasks will take the longest time to finish? And finally, Which tasks are most important. Creating a calendar of events is also a good way to visually see everything you need to do. This is something that would be helpful for me because I always have a lot of events and things on my plate even on the same day! And sometimes when that happens I forget about certain events.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

What I learned about interviewing

Today I learned about the STAR method. The STAR method stands for Situation, Task, Action, Results. It is useful because it’s a technique used by interviewers to gather relevant information. 15 min is on time and on time is late because you never know what can happen. You can get stuck in traffic, have a long check in, etc. It is better to have some dead time before an interview because that way you’ll be more prepared and you can network and make connections. I’ve never thought of doing practice Interviews. Practice interviews are beneficial because they prepare you to be less nervous and more confident for the real thing. Also, it doesn’t have to be with a real person even though that would be very helpful as well, think about just talking to yourself in the mirror to see what you would look like in an interview so you can know what you should change. I learned to be prepared for uncomfortable interview questions so that I won’t get thrown off by them. You won’t be thrown off if you think about it before and prepare for that prior. It’s always good to have a reference list because that makes you stand out above others. When going to an interview prepare smart questions to ask about the company. That will make them be interested in you. Body language is everything. You can tell whether or not someone will be enthusiastic enough to work with just by their body language. That can make or break the interview because if you look disinterested that’s not a good lasting impression. Remember to breathe or you’ll get more anxious than you are already. I also learned that you should set up a professional voicemail so that when people can contact you back and go to leave a message they’ll be pleased to hear that professionalism. To me this was something important because I don’t even have my voicemail set up.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

What I learned today at Techie Youth

Today I learned lots of new things. The first thing I am going to share with you all is something that didn’t shock me too much but really surprised/interested me. Your image is something that you should care a lot about so you should watch what you do on the internet and on social platforms. I, being a teenager we don’t really think about too often. If you go trying to get a job they will easily look you up just to make sure you don’t make their company look bad. Same goes for colleges like I learned today about college freshman that got their offers revoked from Harvard for sending inappropriate messages in a Facebook group chat. And this was just last year! Just Imagine getting ago go to your dream school and your on your dream team but then get it all removed just because of something dumb you did on the internet. That is my worst nightmare because I look for jobs all the time and I’ve been accepted to multiple colleges and I am a professional cheerleader. But I also love to be myself on instagram and sometimes you just can’t have both. I know what this fear is like because my team and I actually got the opportunity to have a documentary made about us. It was great but it brought lots of attention and we had to make sure we kept our image clean not only on social media but everywhere we went as well which is a lot of pressure on teenagers. I was pretty shocked when I read that hirers purposely are LOOKING for bad things about you when they go to research you. Thats something to always keep in mind. Lots of people get rejected or even fired simply based on something from the internet. I also learned that the word “I” is a bad word. Never to say “I” always say “you” because hirers don’t care about you they only care about themselves. I was shocked to read that as well because that was pretty harsh especially since I’m new to this so I had little to no idea about this. I’m not sure if I’ve used “I” a lot in interviews but now I’m over thinking about that and definitely won’t do it now. I also just learned what a resu-letter is. I’ve never heard of a resu-letter in my life but I like the sound of it now. Apparently, a resu-

Letter has more credibility than a resume because it is not a resume. It’s a summary of what you may bring to the company of which you are applying for and your understanding of the company. A resu- letter I supposed to get straight to the point where as a resume is exaggerated. The resu-letter is supposed to come together with your resume to strengthen your likeness of getting hired. You will stand out with your resu-letter and that is really good.