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Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Smoke and sanity testing - I learned this at Techie Youth today!

Techie Youth

Smoke and sanity testing

The core application workflow will be the main area of Smoke Testing's attention. Therefore, we choose the test cases from our test suite that best represent the application's core functionality. Typically, we select a small number of test cases that can be completed in less than 30 minutes. You are employed at an online store. As a Software QA, it is your responsibility to ensure that the essential features are operational when a new build is made available for testing. So you attempt to access the online store and add an item to your shopping basket in order to make a purchase. In the majority of eCommerce sites, that is a crucial workflow. If the flow is successful, the build can be considered successful. On the same build, you can continue with functional testing.

Sanity testing is carried out at the release phase to verify the application's core functionality without probing further. It is also known as Regression testing's subset. At the "release level," it is carried out. Sanity testing performs the necessary main functions checks when thorough regression testing on the build is occasionally impossible owing to release timing constraints. We frequently don't have enough time to finish the entire test. We will face pressure from the product owners to finish testing by the end of the day, especially when using the Agile Methodology. We choose for Sanity Testing in these situations. Sanity testing is crucial in these kinds of circumstances.

Similar to smoke testing, sanity testing does not have its own set of test cases. Simply selecting the relevant test cases from the written test cases is what we do. It falls under regression testing, as was previously indicated. The primary goal of sanity testing is to confirm that the intended functionality operates as anticipated. Real-Time Illustration Let's use the same illustration as before. Let's say you are developing an online store. The functionality of Search is been enhanced by a new feature. Here, the search feature should be your primary concern. You go on to other crucial features, including payment flow, after making sure the search functionality is functioning properly.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Quality Assurance - I learned this at Techie Youth today!

Techie Youth Day #5

Quality Assurance Testers test software and hardware for businesses and companies. They test it to see if it works as expected.

There are 6 phases of Software Testing Life Cycle

1. Requirement Analysis - The first stage of the software testing life cycle is requirement analysis (STLC). The quality assurance team is aware of the requirements, such as what will be tested, throughout this phase. The quality assurance team interacts with the stakeholders to better understand the requirements in depth if anything is missing or not clear.

2. Test Planning - The most productive stage of the software testing life cycle is test planning, where all test strategies are laid out. The testing team manager calculates the projected cost and effort for the testing activity during this phase. Once the requirement gathering phase is over, this phase begins.

3. Test Case Development - After the test planning step is finished, the test case development phase begins. The testing team records specific test cases during this phase. The testing team also prepares the necessary test data. The quality assurance team reviews the test cases after they have been prepared.

4. Test Environment Setup - The setting of the test environment is crucial to the STLC. In essence, the test environment establishes the parameters in which software is tested. The creation of test cases might be started concurrently with this autonomous activity. The testing team is not involved in this process. The testing environment is created by either the developer or the client.

5. Test Execution - Test case development and test environment setup are followed by the test execution step. In this phase, the testing team begins running test cases that were prepared in the preceding phase.

6. Test Closure - Last stage of STLC which it analyzes the testing process.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

How to fundraise - I learned this at Techie Youth today!

Techie Youth day #4


What is fundraising?

"Fundraising is the process of building relationships with people, companies, and other organizations who might want to support your mission by donating money to your non-profit." The money that comes from fundraising is from people not companies. Fundraising is all about building relationships and connection with the people that support you and helps you in the long term.

There are 4 main steps in Fundraising

1.Prospecting - Finding people who are interested

2.Cultivation - Communicate with them to form a bond

3.Asking - Ask to make a donation

4.Stewardship - Continue building a stronger relationship after the person has made their first donation

Common Fundraising Tactics

Asking in-person

Asking over the phone

Fundraising events

Direct mail (fundraising letters)

“Donate Now” buttons on your website

E-mail fundraising


Board fundraising campaigns


Walk-a-thons and other “participatory” fundraising events

The 2 main thing you need before you start is a plan and supporters.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

How to productivity apps - I learned this at Techie Youth today!

Techie Youth Day #3

Productivity apps

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is excellent for managing accounting and mathematical operations as well as organizing, analyzing, and displaying data of any kind. Similar to Microsoft Excel and available for free, Google Sheets. Learn how to use Google Sheets and its necessary tools by watching this video.

Google Docs

Google Docs is a free alternative to Microsoft Word that is perfect for any writing assignment or group essay. It allows for many users to share and collaborate ideas, edits and suggestions in real time.

Google Slides

Google Slides facilitates the production of presentations, is cost-free, and competes with Apple Keynote and Microsoft PowerPoint. Google Slides provides users with a polished and practical platform to make presentations by offering a wide variety of appealing presentation designs.


The Gmail email platform's primary functionality is the ability to create an email address and send emails, but it also has a ton of more sophisticated functions. It's crucial to use a professional writing tone in your emails as a virtual assistant.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

How to be a business analyst - i learned this at Techie Youth today!

Techie Youth Day #2




The majority of analysts are business analyst and a data analyst. Business analysts analyzes the business role and speaking to the different people in a company and see what everyone is trying to achieve and determines if what their doing is a good use of their time.They analyze all the factors of a business and maximize the amount of money a company makes by increasing efficiency and production. A data analyst gets their information from data and numbers. A data analyst needs a technical skill and need to be good at computers. Analyst is a job/career role. You will most likely work of someone else.



Business analysts need some basic coding experience. They need to gain experience. To gain experience you can create it. An example of this are case studies. A business analyst deals with business problems everyday and have to use tools to solve the problem. Some tools that use are Microsoft tools such as Powerpoint and Microsoft Visio. Get tips from other business analysts to improve your knowledge. Learn from other people is a big factor in a analyst. Another big part of getting a analyst job is building your resume. Wording your resume is a big part in helping you get a job with the skills you have.



Business analysts are problem solvers which is what makes them so valuable. The are in the middle of the steakholder and the developer. Their job is to write requirements. There are many ways BA's can write requirements. Communication is a big key factor in being a BA. Knowing multiple languages can help with communication.

Tue. Jul. 5, 2022

How to edit movies and films - I learned this at Techie Youth Today!

What I learned today at Techie Youth-Day #1

Today I learned about the importance of editing in movies.

Bad Ideas -> Good Ideas

Editors and Directors have to work together to have a good final product. Bad Ideas leads to Good Ideas. An example of this is when the director of the movie "Arrival" wanted a scene where Amy Adams is dreaming in the alien language. The director was thinking of putting together scenes they already had to make a new scene. The editor however did not seem to agree it would work. But the editor trusted the director and it didn't work at first. All they needed was a few tweaks and that's exactly what they did and turned a bad idea to a good idea.


The basics of editing:

1. Have a well prepared script

2. Choose your combination of colors that help your movie stand out

3. Use high quality images

4. Prepare audio and sound

5. Format your video

6. Market your video

7. Bring it all together

8. Don't make your editing repetitive

9. Use J + L cuts


Color grading is one of the easiest

Many beginners mess up and make something an amature would make. Coloring grading is a talent that you can learning from watching movies and looking closely at the colors.

Editing a trailer