Log of what of Denisha Lawrence has learned at Techie Youth

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Day -2 what i’ve learned today

Today i learned a few interesting things that stood out me. For one the Word I should never appear on a resume. and i for one have made this mistake before even knowing it was a mistake.

“ Hirers are looking for self-confidence, not self-centeredness.

Hirers are looking for team players, not prima donnas. Hirers want

credit makers, not credit takers.

The best salespeople say "you" instead of "I." The Cornell School

of Hotel and Restaurant Management found that waiters who say

"you" instead of "I" earn 20 percent more in tips.” that’s a little shocking would think by using the Word” I” you’d sound more confident and not arrogant.

i also learned how to write a cover letter with no work experience because while a cover

letter can often be used to highlight your

previous work experience, you can instead

use it focus on any soft skills & you've

gained from other experiences like

extracurricular activities, educational

courses or volunteering.

You don’t have to have a long credential list to show employers your willingness to work and learn new skills. If you highlight any of your “soft

skills” many employers value them

since they can be more difficult to teach.

This is because soft skills are naturally

developed and hard skills can often be

taught through training. In addition to featuring your soft skills in a

cover letter, you should adding your

passion to learn more skills during the

position.can also show employers your a perfect candidate .

These are the notes i have for this portion i wish i took more since there was a lot of good insight especially on remote working jobs from home and the benefits from them. as well as vey inspiring words to focus on your own business and success in order to feel content an successful in your own way . you shouldn’t watch what others have or w.e fabricated posed life they live in social media since you can literally put in the work to have your own fantasy life become your own real life. and why do people want to wealthy or rich? and what it means verses what it could mean

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Day 1 - Whar i learned today

Day 1 - Techie Youth

I learned that remote working is more freeing financially and mentally. when you get to enjoy your work, choose when you work you have more time to enjoy a family meal or enjoy great experiences provided by jobs. you CHOOSE TO TAKE . the traditional 9-5 kills us all with things like travel time, sickness due to co workers, and meetings that may waste time and take away from your main focus which is work.

i also learned that when working virtually or working with virtual co workers that it is important to

1. document everything

2. always leave a trial of what you are doing an thinking.

3. distributive instead of the word remote . by making something distributive you’re saying that you can supplie to the whole entire ocean instead of a small pond.

moreover i also learned about traditional & in traditional bank accounts for instance a few vital tips i’ve obtained are

Endorsing a check helps the bank

verify you as the recipient and

authorizes the bank to make the


You may only need to sign your

name on the back of the check,

but other information may help

protect you from fraud.

• For mobile deposits, follow the

endorsement instructions in your

bank's app.

To sign a check over to someone

else, write

"Pay to the order of

(payee's name)" below your signature.

Knowing where your money is going is also vital so for fees they’re also banks that reimburse you on these fees . We always need to. “Make a record of every check you write in a check register”. Doing so will allow you to:

Track your spending so you don't

bounce checks.

know where your money goes. Your

bank statement may only show a check

number and amount-with no

description of whom you wrote the

check to.

Detect fraud and identity theft in your

checking account.

These are just SOME of few things i’ve learned today i can’t wait to see what i learn tomorrow