Log of what of Brandon Wright has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Jul. 22, 2022

This Week I Learned (7/18 - 7/22)

This Week I Learned

Monday (7/18)

On Monday, I learned a little about music production and the software needed to create beats. It is convenient to use a laptop, or even a phone in some instances. Although there will be limitations compared to a full studio, the ability to create a foundation instantly from nearly anywhere can help many people start on the right path to music production success. On top of that, not all music has to be a completely new idea. There are many artists that have become famous from covers or remixes of older songs. Finding the right way of incorporating old tracks while adding your own unique twist is key to this. These are just some ways to monetize your interests and gain some recognition.

Tuesday (7/19)

On Tuesday, I learned more about color grading for video editing. This technique is used for many purposes. For one, it can help viewers see the scene more clearly. Other times it is used to convey a tone. Darker colors can be used to represent a serious moment while bright colors can give off a happier vibe. Red, green, and blue, are some of the most edited colors when doing this. It can also be applied to photos, which is something I learned days later.

Wednesday (7/20)

On Wednesday, I learned about becoming a product manager. Although their exact job responsibilities vary so often, they are very important to the production and planning of products we use every day. They are responsible for communications between stakeholders, IT teams, and more. They use the feedback from customers to also help the products as well. They plan, use roadmaps, and create backlogs for said products. Even after the product is produced, they work on improving it. Project managers are vital to customer satisfaction.

Thursday (7/21)

As briefly mentioned in my post about video editing, I learned how to edit TikTok and Instagram posts to make them more popular. Some tips are as simple as adding a 3-letter hashtag (#FYP). Other advice given included changing the color of posts to give it a more vibrant feel. As your audience grows and you post constantly, you can monetize what you make. This is how many social media pages operate. Youtube is another popular platform people monetize. Many content creators stream games, their everyday lives, or tutorial videos. Being creative, finding the algorithm, and posting consistently are keys to becoming successful at monetizing your social media accounts.

Friday (7/22)

Another great way to make money from home is by investing in stock and cryptocurrency. Although they are risky if you are not aware of how things work, it can be very rewarding. It is important to research companies you are planning to invest in. It is also a good idea to invest in companies you know and care about. The stock market changes daily, but you can make good predictions if you observe trends and predict when a stock will rise. There are many factors that can affect the performance of a stock, but by being on top of that, you can make a strong passive income from investing.

Sun. Jul. 17, 2022

What I Learned (7/14 Thursday and 7/15 Friday)


On Thursday I learned about free lancing and video editing. There are multiple websites that allow for safe and legitimate job postings. This can be a good start for video editors seeking to gain more experience and income. In fact, there have been multiple editors who have told their viewers how they started their free lance editing journey via sites like Fiverr. If the client you are working for enjoys your job, you can build a rapport and potentially land more commissions from them. This will help build loyalty and stability, which could then be used to network with people they know if they refer you. The projects being worked on can also be used to build a portfolio. These benefits depend on your clients. It is also good to talk to other free-lance editors so that you know appropriate price ranges and things to do. By building a reputation with clients and website like YouTube, Twitter, and Vimeo, your start as a video editor can be very successful.


On Friday, I learned about creating mobile apps, which is another free-lance option. Developing your app relies heavily on the software you plan to release it on. If it is intended for iphone users, you should create something compatible on IOS. This would mean creating your software using Xcode and SwiftUI. Likewise, if your app was for android smartwatches, it should be created for Tizen or WearOS. From there, you can work on other aspects of your app, such as monetization. By placing your ads within other games, it could help you gain more expose. Full screen ads are favorable since they usually include a video or picture for a few seconds that the user can focus on. Once they click it, they will be directed to your app in the app store. Capitalizing on this and aiming for the right demographic group can help you build your fanbase to help make a popular and successful app.

Wed. Jul. 13, 2022

Today I Learned (7/13/2022)

Today I learned more about video editing and networking. To network, you should be comfortable creating conversations with others. Sometimes a random ice breaker is all you need to start. From there, you can transition to talking about commonalities and potential skills you may have. As you’re doing this, it is also a good idea to think about how the person you’re talking to can help you become stronger in your field. Even if there is no direct correlation, it is still good to be courteous and respectful to that person. Networking can be very beneficial for film editors as they can connect to people who might know a film director or crew in need of their assistance. Having a strong portfolio and basis of how to edit will certainly help in that process. For beginner film editors, there are tons of free and available for purchase programs that you can use on your personal computer. Some of these include Blender, Adobe Premiere, DaVinci Resolve, and Final Cut. While some are very beginner friendly, others offer more features. Therefore, finding the right software for you might take time. Once you learned the software, organize your work properly, and find the right people to display it to, your journey into a career in video editing will be smoother.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

Today I Learned (7/12/2022)

Today I learned about being a leader and commanding a room. Sometimes you need to take control of a crowd during a presentation or lead your coworkers. To do so, you will need to watch your manner of speech. Refrain from saying “uh” or “uhm.” Take your time to talk while also giving yourself time to think. Adapt to the crowd and keep them engaged. Having a strong and loud voice can help as well. Sometimes the people in the back cannot hear you if you are talking lowly. Add body movement to your speeches too. By taking initiative, you will come off as the leader everyone needs. These skills are also applicable for entrepreneurs. As they create a team, they will be expected to lead their staff. Having the right staff means to recruit people with the proper soft and hard skills needed for your tasks. Mastering these skills and hiring the right people are the first steps to a successful business.

Mon. Jul. 11, 2022

Today I Learned (7/11/2022)

Today I learned about the power of saying no and how to improve relationships via remote connections. Conflict can occur in office settings either in person or online. Being able to handle these issues professionally and maturely is important to succeeding. In one scenario, a boss can ask you to work overtime without compensation. If you let this occur without expressing concern, the boss might make it a habit. By simply saying “no” followed with alternatives or an explanation, you can rectify these issues before it evolves. Likewise, if you and a coworker are not agreeing about a project or deadlines, setting boundaries is one solution you can take to solve that problem. Communication is key to a healthy workspace. Being able to realize when to not tolerate something is key to a healthy personal life. With that said, balancing both is something that I, and many others, can learn a lot from.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

Today I Learned (7/8/2022)

Today I Learned 7/8

Today I learned about bank accounts and remote jobs. It is very beneficial to open a bank account since your money can be stored and monitored more securely than with cash. Checking accounts can be used to apply for direct deposit, which would be useful for this SYEP program. Different banks offer variations of this, and they usually vary in fees. However, some banks waive these fees or reimburse you, such as when you use a foreign ATM. Some banks also offer fee waivers when you sign up for a student account, which is great for lots of youths. Opening a bank account is crucial for remote jobs as well since the headquarters or person in charge of your pay may not be physically nearby. Therefore, checks could take forever or get lost in the mail if they are even offered. There are other things to investigate when applying for remote jobs since those can be scams. However, if you do your research and apply from legitimate sites, like the ones posted in the “Searching for remote employment opportunities” Section in our intro course, then you should be able to find a successful job. Likewise, working on a resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, and on interviews can greatly improve your chances of success in both the remote and for in-person, commute jobs.

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

Today I Learned (7/7/2022)

Today I continued learning about analytics. I realized that business analysts are problem solvers and liaisons. They translate the information between info techs and shareholders. Internal and external analysts are very important to the success of a business. Likewise, data analysts are important too. One of the most widely used statistical software, R, can help businesses keep up with thousands of numerical stats about their practices. Being able to code and decipher these results takes a long time but it is very important to master. I also began to learn more about video editing. The transitions and cuts that editors use to deliberately portray certain themes is amazing. There are many scenes that I will look at differently now because of this, and these techniques can be used in any sort of media. I plan to continue to learn about these techniques, as well as color grading and audio management soon.

Wed. Jul. 6, 2022

What I Learned Yesterday & Today (7/5/2022 - 7/6/2022)

Yesterday I learned about what Techie-Youth has to offer. Their supply of youtube videos, TEDtalks, and website links are here to aid kids interested in earning money. One important part of this is understanding salaries. Sometimes the advertised salary is the gross income and not the net salary, which is the amount you will actually receive. Understanding the difference between necessities and luxuries is also important. This can help with budgeting, which will impact your future goals. Lastly, there are many careers that allow you to do what you love while making money. Becoming a youtube travel video blogger or a video game developer are great examples for youths nowadays. With that said, it might take time to find the right way to make money off your passion, but it is possible and very rewarding.

Today I learned about being productive and being a leader. Some of the characteristics needed for this are to be calm under pressure, plus to acquire skills that you enjoy and are able to make you money. Being productive can also rely on having a good group of people near you. This includes having a network of people or a mentor. Productivity also relies on time management. Planning out your days ahead of time can help with this. Using a Kankan Board or just a regular planner is all you need to start. Avoiding procrastination and the Parkinson’s Law is crucial as well. Two careers that I learned about that can utilize these skills include video editing and data analysis. Whether you are a free lancer or a staff member video editor, being a leader and being productive is essential to your job. The same applies for data analysis workers, especially if they are working with large databases. Calm and reasonable thinking skills can help in all careers in your life.