Log of what of Belinda Lucero has learned at Techie Youth

Fri. Aug. 5, 2022

music production

sample-based music allows us to have a 100-piece orchestra sound created on a $1500 laptop. basic knowledge of harmony and rhythm are essential for any musician, knowing the rudiments of music, circle of fifths, figure out the triplets, syncopations, dotted notes, etc. will essentially make your life easier. while studying the basic fundamentals it also helps to have any knowledge of playing an instrument as well as singing. this ensures that you use all of your skills. unique live recordings are a better alternative than MIDI or plugins. learn to record and gaining experience enhances and builds the skills you already have. for example, prior to your knowledge of all these new systems and sound of music production you wouldn’t have been able to decipher the difference an instrument or pitch might make. but with the drive to learn more, and through constant experience eventually, you’ll realize that your bass guitar adds more to your track than a plugin would. working eight to ten hours a day is a reminded to not only rely on your talent, success takes a lot of time and work. finding a niche where you are most comfortable and suits your position in life/employment is important. it helps establish a loyal customer base, and allows for people to identify and know that your offer suits there needs. essentially, it is determining the focus of your business then working to hone your skillset/product. a tip composer’s and producer give to emerging musicians/composers about creating marketable music for stock is to find a style of music that they love to write and feel they are best at writing. not only does this benefit the artists by producing, composing, writing, and performing what they like most, but also their audience. the genre that sits with them best is good for creating a bond with their fans. as both the fans and artist share the common interest of music. as they spread their talent amongst people, they might even have new fans that have never liked listening to the specific genre. but as they get bigger, and grow their audience they are able to appeal to the ears of people from all over. bringing great success to the artist and everyone else who joined them on their journey to success. another tip given is that when writing music you are passionate about and enjoy making, it shows in the final make giving its own musical niche and makes tracks stand out. constantly working on a piece until it satisfies your standards is always a process, but once the final make it produced, listening to the demo puts into perspective of all the hard work that was put into making your music. and the hard work put in to receive positive feedback from fans. one thing that all producers, composer, etc. wish they had known before starting is that it is ok to not be able to write every single type of stock music. it is ok to fulfill every need of a music library. however, it is best to find your own musical niche that you are best at and stick to that constantly improving on it. stock music if a general term for music defining it as something that has been recorded and is able to be purchases as part of a large music library. it is not a genre, is used as background music for audiovisual projects essentially being used for different projects and they all require different music styles. an example of experimenting and finding what music niche is best is through popular boy bands such BTS and TXT (tomorrow by together). BTS is currently on hiatus, where each member is working on their solo career whilst also making time to participate in group activities. J-Hope, or Jay, has recently released his album Jack in the Box giving the audience a more R&B, Rock type of vibe. this is very different from the music he has made with his group, as BTS produces music that is more upbeat and happy. the boy band TXT has released an album not to long ago titled minisode 2: Thursdays Child. it was a new concept for all members as they aren’t used to acting like a “bad boy”. in various interviews, the artists expressed that trying out new concepts gets them out of their comfort zone and drives them to continue to try out more. member choi soobin, said that in the making of this album he also attended vocal lessons to extend his vocal range. this all ties together of music production because it shows the drive to do more, the process of ones success, etc.

Thu. Aug. 4, 2022

quality assurance

quality assurance is the maintenance of a desired level of quality in a service or product, especially by means of attention to every stage of the process of delivery or production. quality assurance duties and responsibilities include documenting and reporting product or service quality levels., developing and implementing standards for inspection, developing a workflow for product inspection, and to develop plans to aid a company manage waste. quality assurance testers and technicians work by testing software for businesses or companies. it is their job to make sure that the software, at times a hardware, works the way a client expects it to. they can be hired for both new project and upgrading/ fixing legacy existing applications. a legacy application (legacy app) is a software program that is outdated/obsolete. in other words, they function as a core business process within the company. however, new technology are replacing these legacy systems. many professional quality assurance testers utilize the Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) to improve the results of their QA efforts. STLC starts as soon as requirements are defined or software requirement document is shared by stakeholders, STLC yields a step-by-step process to ensure quality software. in the initial stages of STLC, while the software product or the application is being developed, the testing team analyzes and defines the scope of testing, entry and exit criteria and also the test cases. this helps to reduce the test cycle time and also enhance the product quality. as soon as the development phase is over, testing team is ready with test cases and start the execution that further helps in finding bugs in the early phase. the phases of STLC are as listed below: requirement analysis, test planning, test case development, test environment setup, text execution, and test closure. requirement analysis is the first step and serves its purpose of the understanding of requirements like what is to be tested. if anything is missing or not understandable then quality assurance team meets with the stakeholders to better understand the detail knowledge of requirement. testing planning, aka the most efficient phase of STLC is where all testing plans are defined. the manage of the testing team calculates estimated effort and cost for the testing work. this phase stats as soon as the requirement gathering phase is completed. test case development phase is started once the test planning phase is completed. the testing team notes down the detailed test cases. they also prepare the required test data for the testing. when all test cases are prepared, they are reviewed by quality assurance team. test environment setup is the vital part of the STLC. it determines the conditions on which software is tested. this is an independent activity is started along with test case development. in this process the testing team is not involved, either the developer or the customer creates the testing environment. after the test case development and test environment setup test execution phase gets started executing test cases based on prepared test cases in the earlier step. finally, test closure is the last stage of STLC in which the process of testing is analyzed.

Tue. Aug. 2, 2022

earning immediate income

anyone with computer access and wi-fi connectivity can earn money some of these opportunities require specific qualifications such as physical location or certain skills like fluency in a foreign language, but there are ways to earn immediate income online for virtually everyone. mock juror and getting paid for taking surveys and similar easy tasks are popular amongst the various ways to earn income virtually. as a mock juror you will assist lawyers by reviewing legal cases and giving you opinion on how you would rule. no previous experience is needed. cases tend not to be very frequent; typical pay is from $5 to $60 per trial. mock trial is great at developing hard memorization skills, improvisation techniques, and general comfort with public speaking. to prepare for a mock trial creating questions for each witness your side will call is a good starter. designing questions is tricky as they will bring out the facts and support your case. brainstorm questions the opposing side might ask your witnesses is also essential as well as to go over questions with your witnesses. resources that hire mock jurors are as listed below: OnlineVerdict, eJury. on the contrary, taking surveys and similar easy tasks is the easiest one can do to get paid for. swagbucks is among the most-popular platform to find these opportunities because it is a widely popular site, work includes watching videos, playing video games, search online and take surveys to collect points all at the cost of $0.40 to $2.00 USD. SurveySawy assesses information from your member profile and assigns you to various demographics. it is important to update your member profile so that SurveySawy can match you to survey opportunities accordingly. when your profile matches the qualifications for a specific survey, SurveySawy will invite you to participate by email. then, you must pass in-depth screening and complete the survey in order to receive credit in your account. SawyConnect is a desktop application that tracks your browsing activity for behavioral market research, this is an additional way that you earn money but it is in exchange for observing your Internet activity which can be a privacy concern for some people. TestSpin emails out survey invites based on profile matches with market researchers who sponsor the survey. TestSpin has their own rewards system called RedeemItNow where you can redeem their "itcoin" currency for cash, gift certificates and free products offered on RedeemitNow. other survey sites include Branded Surveys, PrizeRebel InboxDollars,Branded Surveys, Opinion World, Survey Junkie, Valued Opinions, American Consumer Opinion, Toluna, and Opinion Outpost.

Mon. Aug. 1, 2022

providing services

having service oriented skills enables for you to exchange your skilled time for an hourly wage. people who obtain these skills are more focused on anticipating and recognizing peoples needs whether they are/are not clients. making themselves available to meet these needs draws the conclusion that they are more empathetic and compassionate towards those they are providing there services to. the specifics of every job varies, however with an at home customer service job it requires the following: quiet work environment, high speed internet connection, landline phone, up to date operating system on your computer, the ability to download and use specified software, and the knowledge of basic computer skills. easy to learn minimally skilled jobs are easy to qualify, and are simple, yet are time consuming tasks including writing content creation, online tutoring, digital marketing, online data entry, paid research jobs, public relations and press releases, SEO services, online ad campaign management, and transcription where you listen to audio and write it in text. resources in the next line includes where you can find clients to hire for your services: Fiverr, Upwork, TaskRabbit, freelancer.com, Guru, HireMyMom, and Amazon Professional Services. getting paid to share your knowledge wisdom or expertise is not only benefiting you but it also helps to connect better their performance and become stronger as professionals. most people who obtain these areas of knowledge have become experts. this includes academic skills like being good at math, having an expertise in a sport, or having the ability to be experienced with how to cope with obstacles being met in the course of ones life. a blog writer or a ghost writer(person who has made a substantial contribution to the research or writing of a manuscript but is not named as an author) is hired by a literary magazine to write articles, texts, or speeches. a digital content creator is in charge of compiling and distributing this information to audiences online. online writing can be a form of freelance work, meaning that you, as an author, are self employed and not necessarily committed to a particular employer. this can be a benefit since you can work for various companies simultaneously with control over your work. depending on the demands and needs of who you are working for, the material of the work you write will differ. for example, you could write for entertainment purposes, such as movie/art/restaurant reviews, or you could provide journalistic reporting with facts and data. an exciting aspect about virtual writing is that you can work entirely on your own terms and you will have a level of individual freedom to express yourself in your work. tutoring online can be a good source of income, as you can earn money from helping students gain skills and knowledge in a more personalized way than in traditional classrooms. the role of an online tutor provides flexibility. you set up a class schedule with students and meet as often as you decide too. according to care.com, tutoring ranges from $70 to $40+ (USD) an hour, and up to $100/hour for a specialized tutor with certification. rates vary depending on whether this is one-on-one tutoring, where students may pay more for individual attention, and what level of experience you have teaching, or how much knowledge you have about the skill or subject that you are teaching. to teach English professionally, it is worthwhile to get the TESL, TEFL and TESOL certifications, which are proofs of your fluency. these certifications take around 120 hours to obtain, which is typically 3 to 10 weeks depending on your amount of free time, and can be done online. online sites like tutors.com can help in your job hunt, although some websites may require a fee to access job postings. zoom is an application that enables video, telephone and online chat communications. zoom enables the creation of a learning environment with students that includes face-to-face communication while sharing a whiteboard or website. examples of tutoring that can take place via zoom are the following: teaching a foreign language, math tutoring, music classes or teaching an instruments, teaching children how to read, cooking classes.

Wed. Jul. 27, 2022

recruiter and talent acquisition

as a recruiter it is a challenge to find and make potential candidates apply to a job position. although there is a variety of ways to attract their attention, the most important aspect is to be able to write a compelling job description. knowing how write a compelling job description well allows for you to create a well crafted message that aims of the best qualified candidates for your job. within this field of interest there a variety of ways to attract and see the qualifications best fit for the job. to find qualified candidates, the most popular and best way to start are Linkedin and Facebook. among theses websites they all are beneficial as they allow for the recruiter to post job descriptions for thousands of people to see. it is important to know that when one is recruiting for a company to have an idea of what the potential employer is looking for. it is nearly impossible to conduct an effective search for a candidate if the criteria the boss is looking for is unknown. before recruiting and to avoid this problem it is best to arrange a meeting with the employer. asking questions and clarifying the goals/objectives of both parties is extremely important. this allows for others to see what you are working towards, and so that you can demonstrate achievement, by measuring and reporting on progress. it aids better communication and provides focus for effort over time. exclusivity agreements are used to try to ensure that the other party to a prospective deal negotiates solely with the client for a period of time. when you are abt to work for a company, the first thing that is to be done is to retrieve an exclusive contact with them. this ensures that you are the only recruiter working for the company while also indicating that you are being held responsible for finding new talent. this contract is a legally binding agreement between at least two parties, which sets out that goods/services are to be purchased from only one seller, making that seller the exclusive provider of the goods/services. there are multiple perks to exculsive recruitment and to prove that this is the best option for both you and them. some benefits include getting the recruiter’s full commitment, exclusive recruiters more thoroughly screen candidates for you, confidentiality, and so much more. something anyone would want to avoid is not being paid. people within this field often work for company's recruiting employees and their employer does not pay them commissions based on the number of successful applicants you found. Unknowingly, the emplyer may be stingy with their money, however this can be avoided on your end with the understanding of how commissions work and what you are entitled to before you start the job. like all jobs, a form of education is needed. however, your level of education depends on the type of recruiting you want to do. skills are often more looked upon as important than the level of education you hold but in sum, most recruiters have a bachelors degree in business or in a related subject. to attract the attention of potential applicants it is important to hold the skills of communication, patience, and attentiveness. as time progresses all jobs have their difficulties and challenges. however, as technology advances jobs have begun adapting to fit this new standard. and as a result of the pandemic, there has been a cataclysmic shift to remote work by new hires, along with existing employees going remote, which has called for the immediate upskilling and reskilling of entire workforces. there are new expectations that are now part of recruitment. developing a relevant and practical recruitment strategy based on this new reality is critical to success in this field.

Wed. Jul. 20, 2022

Analysts-common roles

the most common analyst roles that can be performed remotely are Business Analyst and Data Analyst. Both roles work data, however business analysts use this data to make strategic business decisions whereas data analysts gather their data, manipulate it, identify useful information, and transform their findings into digestible insights. Essentially, a business analyst serves its purpose as the problem solver of the company. their main job is to offer guidance and advice on business requirements and potential solutions to improve their company's performance. within this role, there are two different types: external and internal analyst. An external analyst is a contractor, and outside perspective brought in to help solve a problem who leaves after the problem is solved. an internal analyst is a company employee who works within the company and continues to work with the company after the project is completed. business analysts make a great deal of money depending on your status, the average salary in the United States is rounded to be $93,000/yr, top salary is $163.8k/yr, and starting salary is around $50.2k/yr. there are 5 levels of seniority and the pay varies as well: Top-Level Business Analyst earning per hour is $78.73 and their yearly is $163,760; Senior-Level Business Analyst earning per hour is $59.82 and their yearly is $124,430; Mid-Level Business Analyst earning per hour is $44.71 and their yearly is $93,000; Junior Level Business Analyst earning per hour is $30.84 and their yearly is $64,150; Starting-Level Business Analyst earning per hour is $24.13 and their yearly is $50,190. Business analysts can have degrees spanning many different majors such as finance, accounting, business administration, economics, statistics, political science or sociology. Some skills that employers look for in potential analysts are computer knowledge, problem-solving skills, analytical skills, communication skills, detail orientation, math skills and writing

skills. as stated above data analysts collect and process data. Their main job is to use data to help a company make informed decisions regarding operations. A data analyst plays an important role in the success of a company. both positions offer jobs through Glassdoor,Indeed, and Flexjobs. An example of an employer looking for a junior Data Analyst is as listed below: "We are seeking a highly motivated analyst to join our Client's cross-commodities research business providing clarity on the fuel market economy in a time of unprecedented uncertainty in the energy markets demonstrating passion and curiosity, you will be excited by the responsibility of developing industry-leading

data and analysis to drive insight into fuel fundamentals and their impact on World's energy markets supporting decision making in an increasingly important sector." if you meet the requirements the employer is looking for, they provide you with a link where you are able to apply for the job.

Tue. Jul. 19, 2022

fundraising(non profit, approaching donors, etc.)

non profit fundraising comes from individuals and not from bigger companies or other non profit fundraisers. studies have shown that about 80% of the money that is donated to charities in the US and other developed countries have come from individuals themselves. this is an important factor because it focuses the efforts on raising your money from people rather than from bigger corporations, foundations, or other non profits. of the 80% money raised by individuals, it should be another 80% of time spent building relationships with individual donors. cold fundraising starts from a list of emails and the objective is to reach out to those who are yet to have an idea of the existence of your non profit. although most non profits are successful with raising money through cold fundraising, it should be your last resort and not your first. this is because bigger organizations that are more likely successful to raise this money have larger fundraising budgets and data driven fundraising operations. in sum, fundraising is most made up of building relationships. as a fundraiser, their objective is to build a long term relationship between the non profit and donor. this allows for their organization to build a base of support that lasts year to year, rather than to continue to search for new audiences. the fundraising funnel is the donor lifecycle, the process of turning new contacts into lifelong donors to your organization. the four steps that go into this are: prospecting, cultivation, asking, and stewardship. starting with prospecting it involves identifying people who might be interested in your mission and approaching them to begin the relationship-building process. cultivation is the process of communicating with your prospect on a regular basis to build a strong relationship with them after approaching them. after building your relationship, you should look for the proper time to ask your prospect to make a gift for your non profit. it is often a mistake to not ask, as they wont give unless asked to. it is also a common mistake to think someone will give to your orgainzation because of cultivation work. however, in order to receive a gift you need to directly ask the prospect to make a donation towards your organization. lastly, stewardship is the process of continuing to build a relationship with your donors AFTER they have made their first gift. during this, you will continue to communicate with your donor until the next time a gift is asked for. some other elements that go into fundraising are: asking in person, asking over the phone, crowdfunding, board funding campaigns. intelligent non profits who have interest in making it the best use multiple fundraising tactics to reach their initial objective.

Tue. Jul. 12, 2022

online trading-stocks

a typical good stock investment will earn about 10% profit, if you reinvest your earnings then every 8 successful stock trades will double your original money. some stocks have increased in value by more than 10 times (ex: $100 investment →worth more than $1000). in multiple cases, stocks could lose their value resulting in the risk of losing your invested money. there are two types of stocks: common and preferred. common stock is defined as investing and looking for a few shares, where as a preferred stock typically pays investors a fixed dividend. common stocks are best for investors who are looking for a long term growth and preferred stocks are best for investors looking for income.

Fri. Jul. 8, 2022

video editing

video editing doesn't only use an editing software, but using templates, stock images, and audio clips will be specific to your projects while editing programs are essential. the big three editing softwares are as listed: Adobe Premiere Pro(mac & pc, great for going across Adobe Programs, most popular among non- hollywood editors) $20.99/mo($252/yr); DaVinci Resolve Studio(mac& pc, all in one program, not the most user-friendly, great color grading, has a free version) $299(one-time); Final Cut Pro(mac devices only, quick exporting, great plugins, not as many updates) $299(one-time). some popular free editing softwares are listed below: Hitfilm Express(mac&pc, one of the most powerful free editor programs, offers a wide variety of tools); VSDC(windows only, extremely easy to use/navigate); Lightworks(mac&pc, an easy transition from most video basic editors); Shotcut(mac&pc, runs the smoothest on all systems, great for less powerful computers); DaVinci Resolve(mac&pc, free version of DaVinci Resolve Studio, Professional color-grading, compositing, & other high quality elements). Of theses popular free editing softwares, HitFilm Express, DaVinci Resolve, and Shotcut are the top 3. while choosing an editing software, it is important to keep these things in mind: weigh the pros and cons of using the industry standard editing programs(Premiere, FinalCut, DaVinci Resolve Studio) in comparison to using free programs. For paid programs is it more worth it to get a program that is a one time purchase(Final Cut, DaVinci) or a subscription based one like Premiere if you get access to all the other Adobe applications. Which of the free programs are you most likely to choose?

Thu. Jul. 7, 2022

social network- tiktok

to attract more followers on tiktok you must optimize your profile, pick a niche, post high quality videos, and have engaging content. get creative with a profile picture to catch an audiences attention and leave an impression. picking a niche allows you to focus on a specific topic with content tailored to your theme. Popular niches today used by various tiktok stars are dance, humor, lip syncing, cooking, fashion, etc. posting high quality videos is important to starting your following because it ensures that your followers stay and that cyour community has the ability to grow. using the best recording equipment gives better quality to the viewers. video editing skills are also part of keeping your followers because you dont want to bore them, cutting the video to where your idea actually happens is best. making videos whos topic could be covered in about two 15 seconds, or one 3 minute video is best. having to make multiple parts to a video makes the audience tired of scrolling through your page trying to find the second part to a video that was posted months ago. this also could make you lose followers because of the inactivity presented by the creator as well as the lack of care for their followers. as their lack of content express their care for money and not so much of their followers.