Log of what of Aliyu Yahya has learned at Techie Youth

Wed. Feb. 22, 2023

Techie Youth: Stress Management

Hello Guys welcome to my Blog my name is Aliyu from techie youth here in Nigeria today am going to talk about what i learn that's on stress management

Stress is a normal body reaction that tells the body it needs rest. The ability for you to manage stress is stress management . This are some of the ways to manage stress:

1. Avoiding Multitasking

2. Don't worry to much about things that has already happen or will happen.

3. Always love yourself and stay happy

4. Set goals or target always have a realistic dreams and lastly

5. Rest take breaks both digital and mental.

So thank you guys for reading my blog you do well if you comment like and if possible you share to help others as well Bye for Now .

Mon. Feb. 20, 2023

Techie Youth: Fundraising

Hello fellows welcome to my blog today I will talk about what I learned that is on Fundraising

The act of seeking financial assistance is profoundly embedded in any Non-profit organisation that basically focuses on empowering youth. There is the need to raise funds to facilitate basic acts that direct their programs and of course generate ways to actually assist the youth to become self-sufficient. Techie Youth again taught me how to functionally seek for this assistance to run my donation-oriented service/program.