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Mon. Feb. 27, 2023

Techie Youth: Mastering the Job interview and Getting Hired

Hello Guys welcome to my Chance my name is Aishatu today i will tell you what I learn at techie youth that is How to Master a Job Interview and Get Hired.

This are some of the ways to master a job interview:

You show that you are genuinely interested in the company's mission and want to be a contributing part of it

In your interview, ask basic questions about the company even though the answers are likely on the company's website

You indicate that you want to make new friends with the people who work at the company

You can demonstrate that you will be able to solve the company's needs

You have made the hiring people feel good about you by being friendly and enthusiastic about the role

This are what you can do to get Hired:

Send in your resume and cover-letter requesting the role

If step-1 is successful, the company will schedule a time to interview you

Go through the interview. Typically one interview is sufficient, but some employers may choose to schedule additional follow-up interviews before making a hiring decision.

If step-3 is successful, the company will provide you a job-offer. Typically, this is a letter outlining your terms of employment, including salary and benefits. Often, but not always, they will call you to discuss the offer.

You sign or acknowledge acceptance of the offer, and fill out any other paperwork provided in


Communicate with the company any necessary details that were not outlined as of yet, such as what date you begin, your work hours/days, who will be your supervisor, on what schedule do they pay and what (if any) process do you need to do to get paid (having to complete a weekly timesheet is common.)

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